Here is a Kettlebell exercise that will help you with your multiplane functions. Fortunately, I am starting to see a revolution happening in the fitness industry today. I am seeing trainers everywhere incorporating much more multiplane (multi-directional) movement in their training. Just a few years ago, most were still strictly doing sagittal plane exercises. Since humans adapted in a multiplane fashion over millions of years, it is very important to stimulate the body in a way that compliments this evolution. Our health depends greatly on the quality of our movement, with the kinds of movements we adapted to do. As much as I am happy to see people attempting these various forms of loaded training, the quality does not seem to be catching up. Here’s a video to help keep the quality up!

The exercise in this video will stimulate pretty much all Neuromyofascial meridians in the body. We will integrate the anterior and posterior muscle chains, along with the spiral and lateral chains. Be sure to do all your prep work before tackling this exercise as it can be dangerous to those not well versed is multiplane movement. It is recommended you check out our 10 week online course to prep your body for this kind of movement.

Train intentionally, not habitually. -Naudi Aguilar