It’s great everyone nowadays is obsessed with the development of the Gluteus Maximus, but are people training the Glutes relevantly? Obviously most are concerned with developing these muscles for aesthetics, but was we grow older, might there be risks that come along with this Glute training? I only ask this question because everywhere I look, I’m seeing people training the glutes in contexts that did not relate to our evolutionary adaptations.

It is clear the Gluteus Maximus was not developed in nature from doing things like deadlifts and hip thrusters. A much more probable theory is that walking and running were the stimuli that turned chimps with next to no Glutes, into humans with Glutes. I’m wondering why other fitness industry leaders have not thought along the same lines when it comes to the sustainable development of the Gluteus Maximus…

Anyway, here is a video where I discuss Gluteus Maximus training in good detail. I will also discuss Glute training in future videos, so stay tuned.

Train intentionally, not habitually,