Forward Head Posture – How To Fix Text Neck

Do you have a forward head brought on by being on your cell phone continuously? This is a pandemic in modern civilization and it is wreaking havoc on people’s structural integrity. Sitting in front of a computer used to be the biggest problem I tried to tackle. The text neck I am finding to be much more damaging. Position wise, holding a cell phone combined with the emotional stress that people get while being on a cell phone is the truly damaging aspect of this activity. Instead of this activity being a passive and non emotional, it has become a haven for most and muscle associations are coming along for the ride. Remember, your anxieties (we all have them) cannot escape your neuromuscular system.

If this emotional charge is present all day while you are constantly on your phone, and you are in a cervical protraction with a spine flexion, odds are you will feel the effects of a text neck. Even if you don’t show external signs of a text neck, the tension is there. Here is a video to help you with just that. Apply the techniques here lightly before really attempting to dig into your deeper restrictions.

Live intentionally, not habitually,

Naudi Aguilar